What makes this card the right credit card for me?

As an international employee in the United States, you lack the local credit history that makes you eligible for a prime-grade credit card. Our card is the only prime credit card offered to individuals like you – high-earning, highly-educated employees, with no local credit history, but with a strong financial potential. We provide you with a high credit limit and best-in-class terms and benefits, in order to allow you to build your financial future.

How can you help me build my credit score?

By using the cards’ very high very high credit limit (up to $5000), you can rapidly build your credit score. We report your utilization of the credit line to the Credit Bureaus, so that other credit suppliers (banks, lenders, etc.) can quickly learn that you are a strong credit customer. We will provide you with all the needed guidelines and recommendations regarding best use of the credit limit, in a manner that will contribute to your credit score.

Can I apply without SSN?

Yes. You can apply without a SSN and without any local credit history. You will need to provide your passport, visa information and proof of income in the U.S.

But I already opened a bank account! Can I still get the card?

Yes, of course. Your bank is unable to provide you with a prime-grade credit card, due to your lack of local credit history, and will probably issue you a debit card or a secured credit card with a low credit limit. Our card will serve you as an independent credit card account, and you will be able to pay your balance using your bank account.

Can I apply while not in the U.S.?

Yes, of course. We want our card to be available for you from your first day in the US. So go ahead, and apply as part of getting ready to your big move. We will make sure you get your card as early as possible after you arrive.

How much does it cost?

We don’t believe a prime customer should be charged for using a credit card. Our card carries no annual fee or any other fees, and as long as you pay your balance on time – no interest is charged.

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